Derek Wells (Blackwell) | 18 | Witch | (Chace Crawford) | Open

Derek has always considered himself to be a powerful witch, even if he never really knew why his powers out-shined the rest of his circle’s so greatly.  Of course, they never really became any more powerful than those of his down-the-street-neighbor and fellow circle member Mallory Foster.  The two were always acquaintances, maybe even friends, but never really spent enough time around each other when they weren’t focused on magic to pick up on the signs that they were in fact half-siblings. Although he was an extremely good witch, his grades tended to drop despite the fact that he’s extremely intelligent, because Derek has always felt that magic and causing trouble are the only two worthy causes that deserve even the slightest bit of his attention.  Using magic as a way to do his own bidding has never been beneath him, and although he started that trend in early high school, it wasn’t a phase that just faded away.  If someone wrongs him, they often come down with a horrible case of ‘bad luck.’

When John Blackwell showed up and informed him that he was his father, Derek’s point of view changed on just about everything.  The darkness he felt inside him, always tempting him, began to make sense.  Now, with the idea that he was part of something larger than himself and had some sort of a mission in life, no matter how evil, he was on board with the plan immediately.  He didn’t care that he would be wiping out entire species of supernatural creatures, even members of his own if they weren’t of the Balcoin bloodline — all he cared about was that it was what his new-found father wanted.  After spending a few days with Mallory trying to figure things out, they stopped hearing from John.  It wasn’t long before, with the same idea in mind, they packed up and headed to Virginia to find him.  Upon learning that he was dead, despite how angry he was, Derek vowed to carry out his wishes anyway and make all of his dreams and goals an absolute reality.


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